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Piano Environment

As discussed elsewhere (What is a piano tuning), the environment surrounding the piano can have a substantial impact on whether or not the piano stays in tune.  Additionally, pianos in poor environments will prematurely wear out as compared to those in more agreeable circumstances.  Examples of poor environments include rooms that frequently fluctuate between humid and dry, have rapid temperature fluctuations, are drafty or allow direct sunlight on the piano.  If you are comfortable with the temperature, chances are the piano is too.  However, it is the seasonal changes in humidity that have the single, greatest impact on the piano, both in the short-term affecting tuning stability and in the long-term impacting its durability.  The ideal humidity range for a piano is one that remains consistently close to 42%. 

Why does humidity affect the piano?

Temperature and the piano (advice coming soon)

Locating a piano within your house (advice coming soon)