• "We are fortunate to entrust our instruments to his care"
    - Dr. Tracey Laird, Agnes Scott College Music Chair
    "I highly recommend Haasenritter Piano Service"
    - Geary Brogden, Minister of Music, Ramah Baptist Church
    "My Baldwin piano sounds great, never sounded this good since the day I bought it."
    - Karen Douglassville, GA.

Piano Service & Tuning

Most pianists are unaware that there is more to piano service than tuning alone.  Tuning a piano only corrects the piano’s pitch.  However, when years of piano service has only consisted of tuning, it very often produces a piano that doesn’t play as well or sound as beautiful as it could.  Why?  The touch of the piano action (the mechanism of levers, springs and hinges that transfers the energy from your fingers to the piano strings), like all machines, needs periodic adjustments.  And, the piano’s tone quality will degrade over time and is not to be confused with pitch.  Thus, tuning, touch and tone are the 3 components of piano service that nearly all piano makers have recognized for the last century as necessary for a piano to convey optimum expression.  I have coined the term “t-Cubed” () to easily remember what complete piano service encompasses, as well as to communicate that tuning, touch and tone have an exponential affect on the piano when properly addressed.   To better understand what the individual components of piano service are, why they are necessary and how often they should be adjusted, click below.

– What is a piano tuning?

– What is touch calibration (aka regulation)?

-What is tone adjustment (aka voicing)?