• "We are fortunate to entrust our instruments to his care"
    - Dr. Tracey Laird, Agnes Scott College Music Chair
    "I highly recommend Haasenritter Piano Service"
    - Geary Brogden, Minister of Music, Ramah Baptist Church
    "My Baldwin piano sounds great, never sounded this good since the day I bought it."
    - Karen Douglassville, GA.

A special message for parents

The gift of music is a wonderful present to give your child.  Few other gifts can positively impact a person to the extent that learning music can.  Lifetime benefits are numerous and include the . . .

  • improvement of academic success in multiple areas
  • acceleration of developing fine motor skills
  • building of confidence, self-discipline and creativity
  • promoting of emotional health and physical relaxation

However, this gift requires the discipline, determination, time and energy of your child before these results can be realized.  In short, this “gift” is hard work and most children don’t want to put forth the effort to learn to play music. 

So, what can you as the parent do to help your child stay motivated and continue learning?  The 3 most effective ways you can “stack the deck” in your child’s favor are 1) finding a quality piano teacher that “clicks” with your child, 2) providing an instrument that is appropriate for the student’s skill level and 3) utilizing the skill and advice of a high-quality piano technician.

  1. My advice to parents begins with finding a piano teacher that has the qualifications needed to teach your child.  Just because someone sounds lovely when they play the piano or has played all their life does not mean that they are qualified to teach.  Qualified piano teachers often major in the field of Pano Pedagogy, which teaches one how to teach piano.  Other areas of study that can produce quality piano teachers is Piano Performance or Composition.  This does not mean that piano teachers without these degrees cannot give quality instruction.  However, you as a parent have a better chance of finding a good instructor by beginning your search looking for pianists with these degrees.  What you should look for next is how well a piano teacher interacts with your child’s personality.  Does your child like this teacher?  Does the piano instructor draw out your child’s best?  In short, does your child “click” well with the instructor?
  2. Parents that have never taken music before are often unaware that the different quality levels of pianos will have either help or hinder a student’s progression.  A good rule of thumb is that the practice  piano should be of a quality level that is above the student’s skill level.  You may have a great piano teacher, but if your piano is inappropriate for your child’s skill level, some of the money you are spending on lessons is going down the drain!  For instance, if a race car driver, such as Richard Petty, were to drive my Honda Civic, he would be handicapped by my car’s capacity and would not be able to tap into his full potential.  On the other hand, my Honda Civic is perfectly appropriate for my needs.  So, in general, most electronic keyboards will only be adequate for beginner lessons; high-end keyboards may be ok for intermediate lessons.  Similarly, spinet pianos will hinder the progression of a serious interemediate level student.  Advanced level students should have a full-size studio upright or preferably a grand piano. 
  3. The final thing you can do to help your child succeed is to utilize the skill and advice of a quality piano technician.  Find a piano technician that can provide high-quality service for the 3 areas that all pianos require to make beautiful music possible – routine tuning and periodic touch calibration and tone adjustmentUnderstand that there is a difference between a tuner and a technician and be advised that not all piano technicians are created equal!  Ideally, your piano technician should additionally give you the benefit of his experience by advising you of when your piano needs touch calibration or tone adjustment.  A quality piano whose touch and tone have not been addressed in years can be just as frustrating to play on as driving a 10 year old Mercedes would be if it has never had a 60,ooo mile service.   Additionally, your piano technician should feel comfortable with advising you of when you need another piano because your child’s skill level exceeds the capacity of the piano.