• "We are fortunate to entrust our instruments to his care"
    - Dr. Tracey Laird, Agnes Scott College Music Chair
    "I highly recommend Haasenritter Piano Service"
    - Geary Brogden, Minister of Music, Ramah Baptist Church
    "My Baldwin piano sounds great, never sounded this good since the day I bought it."
    - Karen Douglassville, GA.

Octave Worth of Piano Knowledge

Octave Worth of Piano Knowledge
Octave Worth of Piano Knowledge seminar series

The Octave Worth of Piano Knowledge seminar series is designed to remedy pedagogy’s blindspot by teaching you how the piano affects the pianist’s expressive efforts.  By attending these seminars (which are not taugt back to back), you will gain a clear understanding of why and how the piano helps or hinders a student’s learning curve and a performer’s much-anticipated concert.  You will also obtain valuable insight into determining if struggling students are unnecessarily struggle and if stellar students could perform better.  Each “movement” is a full-day seminar taught by world-class technicians Sam and Joel Haasenritter, RPT’s.  They will cover 4 notes (topics) relevant to piano educators as instructors and advisors to students and the general public.

Unique to these seminars will also be the opportunity to hear the difference that touch and tone has on a tuned piano.  Each day will start with one of your colleagues playing a piece on a piano that was recently tuned.  While one technician lectures, the other will be working on that piano’s touch and tone and they will switch places at the beginning of each note.  Several times during the day, you will get to see up close what the technician is doing – concert prep.  This is what should be done if a concert artist was performing on the piano that evening.  Then, at the end of the day, the same pianist will play the same piece on the same piano and you will hear the difference!  You will come away from this seminar possessing an academic understanding of what the piano’s needs are, having seen those adjustments being performed and experientially comprehending the difference that is made when a piano’s tuning, touch and tone are optimized.