Sam, I have always been extremely pleased with your tunings.  You are a true professional and I appreciate how you deal with my personal piano as well as my school instrument. I have referred you to numerous people and would not consider having anyone else do my tuning. Thanks for your dedication.
Millie Tucker

Each year, we schedule a complicated calendar of musical performances, featuring our students and faculty, as well as visiting artists.  Sam Haasenritter is so dependable and his work is of such a consistent high quality that we never sweat the readiness of our department’s pianos. Sam is a true professional, and we are fortunate to entrust our instruments to his care.
Tracey E. W. Laird,
Ph.D., Ethnomusicology, University of Michigan
Charles Loridans Associate Professor of Music and Chair
Agnes Scott College

I have been very pleased with the piano tuning.  We have had excellent service, always on time or call with specific explanation and offer to reschedule.  You have always been willing to work with me if I needed to reschedule as well.  Always sounds wonderful and does very well between tunings.  I have not used anyone else, so I cannot compare, but I have been very happy with your professionalism and work.  I can’t imagine using anyone else.
Anne P

Columbia Theological Seminary is a graduate institution in Decatur, affiliated with the Presbyterian Church in the United States, but with a number of other denominations represented. We provide two chapels for a variety of worship experiences led by students, faculty, local clergy, and national leaders in the church. Both chapels have older Baldwin grand pianos which “Sam” has faithfully maintained for us for several years. He has always been responsive to our needs in a most timely and professional way, and in addition to routine tunings, he has addressed other issues, such as key action, string replacement, and voicing, to make the pianos sound their best for us. Columbia has always put a high value on the music in our worship, and “Sam” has done a landmark job in keeping these two pianos, both of which are older instruments, at their best. He also maintains my Knabe grand at home, and I would recommend him highly to both institutions and individuals for whom piano maintenance is a priority.
Michael Morgan, Seminary Musician
Columbia Theological Seminary, Decatur
B.M., Florida State University

My Baldwin piano sounds great, never sounded this good since the day I bought it.  I played on it numerous times after you tuned it and I am very pleased.  I spoke to Sherry and she is very pleased with hers too.
Karen / Douglasville, Ga.

I am very pleased with the piano tuning that Sam has done for me the past few years, so much so, that I recommended him to our church and a couple of friends.  He now services my piano, my church and I know of one friend that is using his company as well.  He is very professional and thorough on each visit and I know whomever decides to call his company for tuning or service will be very pleased.
Karen / Douglasville, Ga. (2nd testimonial – several years later)

Sam Haasenritter is an attentive piano technician who always provides exemplary service whether for tuning or regulation.  His work has considerably benefited the music department at Agnes Scott College. Our instruments are always tuned and regulated to the highest standard, especially prior to recital performances in Gaines Auditorium, Maclean Auditorium or the JTS Chapel.

Sam is able to clearly articulate the most acute needs of a piano at any given time. His approach is very logical whether it be for the short or long term maintenance of an instrument.  He takes time to listen to one’s concerns and is most reassuring after proposing a solution once he has made careful diagnosis of the problem.  I have also been impressed with his skills in regulation and voicing.  On one occasion he was able to make a quick repair on an artist’s bench as well.  Sam is always reliable, provides prompt service, and, frequently, can make a repair on the spur of the moment– one not necessarily on his “to-do” list that day.  One of Sam’s best attributes is his pleasant disposition and positive attitude no matter what the challenge at hand.  He is also very flexible with his schedule when possible, as many of our rehearsal spaces can be in use while he is working in Presser Hall.

It has been my pleasure to recommend Sam’s tuning service to my piano students as well as to the former President of Agnes Scott College.
David D’Ambrosio
M.M. the Juilliard School
Director of Piano Studies and Accompanying
Agnes Scott College
Decatur, Georgia

I’ve had my 1957 Steinway for over 25 years now. It’s always been a great instrument, though wasn’t in the greatest shape when I first bought it.  I am not a great musician, and my piano was a great help in inspiring me to play more – I sounded better than I really am.  But I was not prepared for just how great this marvelous instrument could sound until Sam brought his expertise to it.  Every six months, I took more of his suggestions on improvements, and within a few years, I could not believe just how much better it (and I) could sound.  I actually got to a point where I wanted to be recorded, to capture how good I could sound before I lose the ability to.  The recording engineers I contracted came from the top recording studios in Atlanta, and they literally raved about my piano – through the entire session!

I have never enjoyed playing so much, and I thank Sam for that
Arthur G. Schoeck

Sam is by far the most professional technician I have had work on my piano. He always returned phone calls in a timely manner and arrived promptly to appointments. In addition to professionalism, Sam exhibited a genuine sense of care for my needs. He listened to questions and concerns I had about my piano, and also notified me if he saw a problematic issue. I always felt like my piano was in good hands, and I would recommend Sam Haasenritter to anyone as a dependable piano technician.
Jenifer Tripi

I am pleased to offer this letter of satisfaction and approval for the fine workmanship of Mr. Kamuela Sam Haasenritter (Better known to us as “Sam-the -Piano-Man”!

My name is Geary Brogden and I’m the Minister of Music at Ramah First Baptist Church of Palmetto, Georgia. I have been on staff here for 6 years and I was particularly pleased to find that our church had a dependable person that could keep our pianos in tune. We have several special musical performances each year and it is critical that our Yamaha Grand in our main sanctuary is in excellent condition and finely tuned. When I met Mr. Haasenritter (Sam) I was greatly relieved to find in him a person who was not only talented and precise with his trade but friendly and easy to talk and work with. I am particularly reminded of a bit over two years ago, when Sam spent a full day meticulously tuning and perfecting the tonal quality of our piano. His dedication to task, detail in his workmanship and his work integrity were and are greatly appreciated. Our people who play our pianos are pleased to have an instrument that produces the quality of sound that it does.

I have also appreciated the extra step in professionalism that Sam affords us as his customer. And that is the scheduling and maintenance checks that he takes care of for us. He keeps track of dates and makes sure that our instrument is ready for the performance and tasks that are required of it.

I highly recommend Haasenritter Piano Service.
Geary Brogden
Ramah First Baptist Church
Palmetto, GA

Sam is a master technician for my piano which tends to evolve toward “tinny” sounds. When Sam completes his tuning process, the piano is more fully balanced, making it a joy to play!

Barbara Kincaid

We first met Sam when his services were recommended to us by our piano teacher. We had an old, what we thought antique piano that had been passsed down to us. We knew it was in desparate need of a tuning, and hoped it could be restored.

Sam came out and was very honest with us about the quality of the piano, or in reality the lack of quality, and that it was in his opinion, that it was not worth the expense of trying to refurbish it. Because he also refurbishes in addition to tuning, we relied on his judgement. He did what he could to make it somewhat playable for 2 small children beginning lessons, but advised against putting any more into it.

Once we were ready to purchase a new piano, Sam directed us to a store that had quality pianos and were easy to work with, and he was right. We were very comfortable doing business there.

We still use Sam to tune our new piano and he is great to work with. I trust his opinion and his skill completely.
Gina G. Manley

I have really appreciated the tuning and regulation work Sam has done for us, making the piano a pleasure to play.  He explained to me everything that he was doing so I understood both what was going on and why it was important.
A. Lovell

Sam has been providing high quality service for my Steinway grand for a number of  years.  He takes care of  tuning, voicing, action regulation and other needs of the piano.  He is a  professional who is quick to respond to emergencies and last minute needs. Sam truly keeps my piano in top shape for practice and performance.
Betty S. Smith
Professor Emerita of Music
University of West Georgia
MFA University of Georgia in Piano Performance
BS Georgia Southern College in Music Education

I am pleased to recommend Sam Haasenritter as a great all-around piano professional.  He has done a conscientious and thorough job of tuning both of my pianos, one console, one grand, and gave great advice when he came to evaluate the grand piano I eventually bought.  He has an extensive network of resources to call upon, which helped establish fair pricing and gave me a recommendation for a terrific piano mover.  He is exceptionally knowledgeable about his work, easy to get hold of and just an all-around nice guy.  I have been very satisfied with the service he has given me.
Melinda Talley, Fayetteville

Sam was recommended to me by a professional musician with the highest standards.  Needless to say, my expectations were great and Sam has not disappointed. He brings a level of expertise to the care of my piano that enhances its value and longevity. His tunings are spot-on, but beyond that, he has given nuanced attention to my piano’s tone, taking it from brassy to a more pleasing, fuller brilliance.  He has also taught me how to better care for it, helping me protect my investment and insure it a lasting place in my home as a beautiful musical instrument and a treasured family heirloom. I couldn’t be happier.
Laurie S.

As a piano teacher, I ask alot of my advanced students both technically and musically. I absolutely need to have a piano that can respond to anything I want to be able to do whether it’s a fast key response, or subtle changes in color. Sam Haasenritter listens to my needs, and is so skilled that he can produce what I want everytime. I highly recommend him to all of my students and friends.
Shirley Irek
BA & MA, The Juliard School – 1st recipient of the Van Cliburn scholarship to Julliard

I am a musician, a private voice and piano teacher, and a general elementary music and MS and HS Chorus teacher at a private school. I met Sam through his coming to tune the pianos at the school and he has now been tuning my private studio piano for several years. All I can say is that I wish I had known about him years ago!  His attention to detail in caring not only for my piano, but also caring about me personally and professionally as a customer is refreshing in this day and age of “no-customer service”.
He is extremely knowledgeable and he is always willing to share his knowledge of the instrument. I confidently and consistently refer his services to everyone I know that could use piano service and trust that he will deliver the same great care to them that he does to me. In my opinion, if you live in the Atlanta area and you care about your piano, Sam should be your tuner!
Mrs. Heather Petero

Sam is a very conscientious piano technician. He takes the time needed to do a job well done. He is professional and trustworthy and has always given great service. In addition to being timely, he explains things very well. You can tell that he enjoys his work and takes it seriously. Sam is a man of integrity–one that I trust to keep my piano in great shape. I recommend Sam to care for your piano, whether you are a student or a professional musician.
Judy Crumley
Independent Piano Teacher
Fairburn, GA
B.M. Mercer University in Atlanta, Music Education and Piano Performance
M.M. Georgia State University, Music Theory

I was given Sam Hassenritter’s name and number by a highly respected music business in my hometown.  Time was of the essence because of a diagnosis of tremor and a prognosis of progressive disability of the hands.  My foremost goal was to be able to tape a few beautiful classical pieces from my youth, which my husband and children had never heard.  The CD would be the perfect Christmas gift for our small grandchildren!  Hopefully, it could inspire them to “make music,” as well as leave them with memories.  Our children could be filled with surprise and gratitude as well.

The first step was to completely renew the old Baby Grand.  The piano was the centerpiece of our home during my childhood.  Bought for me at the tender age of 6, it was truly a beloved and magical gift from my parents.  My mother would sit in the living room during daily practice sessions for the next 12 years, even bearing the sound of errors, but delighting in the joy of accomplishment and the beauty of the music.  The piano held so many sweet memories that my mother loved it as much as I, and neither of us could bear to transfer it from her home to mine, but it was certainly mine to inherit.

Sam was the perfect person to answer the call.  He spent time with me listening intently to understand exactly the sentiment behind the restoration [actually, just a day and a half of service].  The instrument was in need of painstaking work; and the fragile player herself needed encouragement, hope and inspiration.  This man immediately poured his heart and soul into the entire challenge.

Much tedious time and attention were given to every facet of this undertaking.  Sam carved out a schedule that was probably difficult for him, but pleasant, refreshing and thrilling for me.  Our home became filled with the warmth and beauty of music.  My old “best friend” was home again and sweeter than ever, thanks to this skilled artist.  His knowledge, work ethic, promptness and musicality amazed me.  His gentlemanly attributes of kindness, thoughtfulness, trust and respect were wonderfully refreshing.

The impossible was at last accomplished; the goal was attained, the special gift was given and tearfully received.

Sam Hassenritter is the surgeon who healed the piano. The piano is the instrument that healed my tremoring hands and delicate soul. The ability to “make music” is indeed a great healer and has brought joy to our entire family.

We all thank you, Sam.
Rosalyn Boyd

Sam has been my technician for about five years, and it’s great to have someone to rely on to take care of my Steinway. Previous to finding him, I couldn’t count on the technician’s ability to tune the piano and bring out the wonderful rich tone I know it can have. He’s very skilled, reliable, and always willing to share his knowledge with me. I always recommend him to my students’ families and he earns their admiration as well. I feel very lucky to be one of his clients.
Hannah Baker